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The course requirements for the Salesperson and Broker Classes have changed effective June 1, 2011. Courses are now 40 hours of class time for each course. Please read the following Policies. After reading, complete the form, click “I agree” and submit.


100% is required for certification to take the state Salesperson or broker’s License Examination. Missed
classes will have to be made up and may be held at other locations.

Payment Options:

You can elect to make 4 partial payments of no less than $99.00. First payment is due before the class begins, at class 2, class 4 and final payment at class 6. You can also elect to pay in full the amount of $399 prior to the start of the class.

Books and Materials are included in the course fee.

Repeating the Course:

Students who fail the examination are entitled to repeat the course at no charge, providing they
take the next available course after their failed exam.


This enrollment agreement may be terminated in writing prior to the start of class and you will receive a
refund of tuition paid, less an Administration fee of $25.00. If you received any books there will be an additional fee of
$50.00 per book. The fees of $25.00 and any book cost will come out of your refund and you will receive the difference.
No refunds are given after the course starts. However, you may elect to complete the course at any Anjos Realty
locations within 12 months of the date of this agreement.

*Please note, you are not fully enrolled with Anjos Realty until your first payment is received.

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