Anjos Realty Services (ARS) is a multi-facet company providing Real Estate Services and Education. John Anjos, the president of the company has had extensive real estate experience as an educator, broker and investor. John has been providing real estate education to individuals for over 40 years. Association with ARS will provide you with the practical knowledge you need for success in real estate.

ARS will help you obtain a Massachusetts Real Estate License, provide you with courses for continuing education and professional development and show you how to improve your effectiveness as a sales professional.

ARS also has a realty investment network which meets monthly and brings you together with real estate experts who can help you make viable real estate and investment decisions.

Additionally, one-on-one counseling is available to assist you in Professional Development and or Investing in Real Estate.

Our commitment to success is what drives our company.

When you associate with ARS, you not only invest in your career, but you also make an investment in yourself.